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1. Demons Online Reloaded
* 2 type of servers (Standard and Extreme!) * We operate site march 2009 * Everything totally unique (daily and weekly races, Advanced Beast Invasion, Star bursters, Own PK Tournament Version) * over 100 of unique suits * over 120 unique mounts and pets!

2. FlyFF-eXtreme
New Server 30x Exp, 24x Itemdrop 75x Penya version v14 + Custom items

3. Xtreme Jade Dynasty PvP high rates XP X500
Welcome to Hell! Xtreme Jade dynasty is the first ever high rates server XP X500 Gold X30 Drop X30!!! Pure PvP 100% action - Complete market place - Mature GMs - We are just waiting for you! *FREE Jadens when you vote*

4. ExtremeGamers Gunz
Come join ExtremeGamers Gunz! You may think that it's just some regular normal server, but it's not. We have very little members, and it's sad because this Gunz has so much potential, and honestly is different than any other server you will find. We have

5. Travian Holt
Travian Holt is a 100X Travian Private Server. The oasis' are populated and There are no bugs at all. it is a great fun Classic version of Travian and The prices for gold are extremely cheap. Also, The Weekly medals are done Every Day.(Daaily Medal winne

6. Metin2Extreme
Metin2Extreme server. Rates: EXP: 200x Drop: 200x Gold: 450x. 99,00% Up time, No Lag, No Bugs, New armors, New maps, Great GMs, Each week events, 24/24

7. Speed-WW x56, x356, x2056 FAIR-PLAY private servers.
Speed-WW x56, x356, x2056 FAIR-PLAY private servers. Feel the real travian at high speed! Servers running on powerful machine with extreme internet connection, so there is no lags at all. Live support is available 24/7.

8. Xtreme Rivals // only for pro
Private server \\ dedicated server \\ fast connection \\ friendly staff \\ Exp 120.000% \\ SPI 1000% \\ Drop 300% \\ RareDrop 300% \\ WarPoints 2500%/10000% \\ Armors IF 3 v1 and v2 \\ Moon strategic points \\ X- Weapons \\ DGA every day \\ NO CRASH!!!

9. Travian Holt
Travian Holt is a 150x Speed server and 15x Troop Speed. We just opened up yesterday and currently cooking for player. We are a Classic 3.6 Server and you can play as all Tribes!!! Also Gold is Extremely cheap 300 Gold is Only $1 AU!!!!!!

xTravi Travian Private Server, best server you will ever play. Many new features that you'll seernAnd there are many events that will be held, if you win, you will get a prize / bonus.rnAnd if you register using the same email, look at your profile, I put

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