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1. MythicStory
[v.62] [BETA OVER] [24-7] [Custom chairs and weapons] [Timeless Equips] [GM applications open] [FM Mob's] [EXP and NX slimes] [MALL] [CASINO] [24-7 up time and support] [FUN EVENTS] [Meso System] [Custom made MESO ranger NPC] [New website soon] [100% ded]

2. MythWarEO
Auto EP gathering system , New God Skills available , FLY SWORD SKILL , All new players start with: beginner gift and 150k pps and also vip lev 3 , All mounts has at least 3 stages

3. Kingdom of Riches
Set in a semi mythical medieval fantasy world were you can fight NPC's, fight other players, join clans and start wars. You can go for a walk, commit crimes, complete missions, go mining, cast spells, take school courses, read scrolls, play games and trai

4. Myth Conquer New Server
An EU Based server, latest co updates, English community,Low Drop rate 10-25 CPs , Mid EXP rate, P7 Dragon Souls, and L6 Sacred Refineries, Epic Weapons, weapons Max lvl 130, Armors and headgears max lvl 120, Elite PK, join us

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