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1. Windship Trader Fantasy Merchant Game
Windship Treader takes you in a world full of adventure... take command of your own flying ship to bring cargo from city to city, braving the many danger in your path: Pirates, monsters... and other player ! Equip your ships with many wondrous item and a

2. MapleFreeWorld V62 [NON-HAMACHI]
Rates: 750/500/10 [All-In-One-Shop][No Damage Cap][Cash Shop][Player Commands][Monsters fm 2-21][GM scrolls][No D/C][Open 15/7 in work days, and 24/7 in weekends][16m Exp Slimes in FM]][Free Buff NPC][v80 GMS and v87 MapleSea Items,Mounts,Monsters]

3. *New* Eunite Aion Private Server
Xp:120x/Drop:50x/Group:150x/Quest:150x/Kinah:200x/Abyss:15. Awesome Community that is growing everyday. Dedicated server. 99.9% lag free: Player command //ewarp and //awarp:Legions(Emblems and More):PStore,Abyss Points,Shop, Broker System,Summon Pets,Inst

4. WelCome To JackMs
[Godly v75 Server]-[Non-Hamachi]-[lag Free]-[Rate 2500/1000/3]-[Skill Max]-[Pvp Map]-[Cool Player's commands]-[Free NX]-[Tons of quests]-[Great GMs,Owner]-[New hair,eyes]-[Daily events]-[GM Hat + all 30k Free] So what are u waiting for~

5. MyMaple! - It's your story!
[] [24/7] [Dedicated server] [No hamachi!!!] [v62 with custom NPC's] [1000exp/100mesos] [Cool events!] [Friendly GM's] [All in one shop] [Donation commands] [FM spawns] [Rebirths] [Godly items!] [PvP] Join today!

6. HolyMSv83 BrandNewServer
[15/10/3/2(SpawnRate)][12gRam/QuadCore i7Cpu3.2GHz/HostedInSG/NonHamachi/1000mb/s][24/7UpTime][Non-Lag][CustomGameplay][CustomNPCs][Events][PlayerCommands][CustomGacha][Nimakin/Kin][Auto-Register][MuLungDojo][HiredMerchants][Economy][GreatCommunity]

7. HeroMuOnline
-New Commands : /post,/add,/pkclear,/reset,/grandreset,/exit,/buy,/sell,/online,/clearinventory,/evo,/questinfo -Marry Comand: /accept;/divorce;/marrystatus;/tracemarry;/getmarry New Events: Happyhour,Party event,BcBoss

8. MMA Tycoon: Mixed Martial Arts Management Game
MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA MMORPG - a must try game for all fans of the UFC or MMA in general. You'll start by creating a stable of fighters and booking them in to fight in the Quick Fighting Championships. If you win in the QFC, you'll be offered

9. The Old World 2.4.3 (istant 70 lvl)
100% blizzlike server instant 70 lvl Server is a almost bug free RPVP Vendors & Portals in SW and Orgrimmar Free T4 and S1 drop rate x20 drop money x20 exp rate x5 quest rate x8 Working spells and talents Quests working on 98% (still are in checking

10. Reforge Craft 5.4.8
Stable 4.3.4 Cataclysm Funserver Start at lvl 80, nice starting items, custom commands for all players, vip system, faction interactions, many custom items, lots of custom unique content Come and have fun

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