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1. PezScape
Follow these steps to play Pez-Scape 317: You need to start PezScape. Client: WebClient: 1Download client 2Open it 3Go to menutab and do file enter ip adre

2. Lineage 2 server
Free private pvp server Fire Angel Empire

3. Travian FireStarter
Travian FireStarter: Speed: 1000, Troop speed: 50, Storage multiplier: 50, no time for building and training

4. ColdFireRB
No lag|Lvling Server|50x Exp rate|Max lvl 135/2nd Rb| Max gear +12|New high level gear/weps|Working ninja|No talis/no steeds/no lottery|FB/SS Tourney|Treasure Hunt|Money Event|Drop Event|Guild War|Quiz Show|PK in Twin City

5. FireTown
FireTown [50x speed] [Brand new server] [Hamachi]

6. FireTravian
FireTravian new Tatar server,very good,no bug,no army dissapear,all is check,admin is fair,very cheap gold Speed:250x Trop Speed:200x Warehouse:400 Come and see that miracle :)

7. WonderFire Travian
WonderFire rnStart 500x rndaily golds:50rn Server Italiano (Ita)rnNo lag and all bugs fixed..rn

8. Travis - Freshly restarted with 8 months duration.
Game speed:100x, warrior speed: 10x, capacity: 10x, trades: 10x. This game is for mid rating travian fans who like to play in private server. Play and fight with firends and all rest world.

9. WoTlk 3.3.5 | Cataclysm 4.3.4 Instant 80 | Pure PVP
Blizzlike • Mid-rate Experience • Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons & Raids including ICC and Firelands • Gunship fully working • Dungeon Finder • Instances 100% Blizzlike • AntiCheat System • Friendly & Professional Staff • Fully stabl

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